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Grown-ups Can’t Be Friends With Dragons

By Antony Wootten

“The perfect book for the child who struggles with childhood and can't seem to do anything right.”

Brian is always in trouble at school, and his home life is far from peaceful. So he often runs away to the cave by the sea where he has happy memories. But there is something else in the cave: a creature, lonely and confused. Together they visit another world where they find wonderful friends, but also deadly enemies.

Brian's life is torn between the two worlds, and he begins to feel that, in his own world at least, grown-ups can't be friends with dragons.

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Buy a signed copy - click here! “a lovely story, particularly for the older tweens and younger teens, touching, as it does, on some serious issues - the loss of a parent, teenage pregnancy and the child who feels isolated. It's all done in a non-preachy fashion and I'd like to thank the publisher for sending a copy to the Bookbag.”

LoveReading4Kids: “a fast-paced and ultimately heart-warming tale that will appeal to 8+ year olds, particularly boys and a lovely read for fathers and sons to share.

Michelle Nicholson, Primary School Teacher, North Yorkshire: "Picked this book up on Saturday night and couldn't put it down until it was finished. Gripping story. Each chapter left me wanting more!!! I just had to know how it ended. As a primary school teacher I could relate the main character's feelings to some of the children I have worked with, and we can all relate to feeling that the world is against us sometimes. What an excellent read. Can't wait for more! Worth every penny...and more!"

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