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Antony Wootten explains:

BigShorts is a growing set of short, stand-alone novels for strong Key Stage 2 readers. Each novel is around 100 pages long. The content is rich and detailed, tackling discussion-worthy themes. BigShorts books appeal to children who are already strong readers, and can engage with challenging subject matter, but choose books by the width of the spine, rejecting the wider ones. I was one of those children!

Being shorter than most novels, BigShorts books are also a great length for teachers to read to their class, or for use as guided-reading texts.”

The Grubby Feather Gang              Season of the Mammoth

The Big Shorts books will be released a book at a time over the next 3 years. The Grubby Feather Gang and Season of the Mammoth are available now. More will be released in late 2016.